Headphones & Mic on Seperate Soundcards?

I’m super new to cubase 10 elements, currently using the trial. I feel like I must be missing something, because I managed to get this working on the first day, but now I can’t find out how to make things work.

I’m using a sE condenser mic, plugged into a phantom power, and then into an M-Audio FastTrack soundcard - I can get this connected through the VST connections. I can turn that on in the Audio Connections. But if I do that with my input, it also wants my output to be the FastTrack and it won’t let me use my headphone jack in my computer itself. I can’t find a way to get the sound to come through that headphone jack at all - not without changing my audio driver, and then I can’t use my FastTrack.

Am I missing something major here?

If you are using the dedicated ASIO driver for the M-Audio then that’s the way it works. Meaning you won’t be able to route the output outside of that audio interface.

I never tried it but maybe try to download/install the ASIO4All driver. It might give you some other options.

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Why wouldn’t you just use the headphone out on the FastTrack?

I have the ASIO4ALL driver, but my only options are through my fast track. When I plug my headphones into my Fast Track, I get a lot of static and crackling, which isn’t necessarily an issue - but I can only get monitor sound from my mic. I can’t actually hear anything from the tracks when I play them back, or from my mini when I press any of the keys on my keyboard. Only mic monitor. I feel like I must be doing something horribly wrong because I can’t get this to work at all.

Aight, I finally (with a lot of tweaking) got sound coming through my headphones, but the latency on the playback (not even the monitor) is craaaaazy slow. It’s taking over a minute to jerkily play back one note I pressed for less than one second.

Agreed, Simplicity at its finest. This is the only way. ASIO4ALL is a waste of time and an exercise in frustration.

Set the system sounds to use the Fastrack for headphones

Cubase should be set to Release Audio Driver in Background as well