Headphones not working anymore on OSX High Sierra on 2018 MacBook Pro

Since today I have yet another strange issue. The headphone port no longer works on Cubase on my 2018 MBP.

It works fine when playing back audio in any other application. In Cubase the sound only comes through the speakers even when headphones are plugged in. Its like Cubase fails to see that headphones are plugged in.

It worked fine up until today. I restarted a few times but nothing helps. Any ideas how to fix this?

Nota Mac user but seem to recall someone else had this issue a few months ago so the answer should be somewhere in the forum. Is there more than one headphone port/more than one headphone connection listed?

I had a look through the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Cubase lists 2 “built in” audio ports in the audio setup even though there only is one. It doesn’t matter which one I select, it doesn’t work. In fact it has now gotten worse and I don’t get any audio from Cubase at all anymore. Seems like core audio conflict.

Below is the post I think I was remembering…not the first post in the list but one lower down. He appears to have found a workaround…no idea if it will work for you or not. Hopefully some other Mac users will chime in with other suggestions.


Thanks for the link!

He’s talking about creating an aggregate device. I’ll try that.
Seems like a common problem. It worked fine for me until today though.
I submitted a support request too. Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon. I work quite a lot mobile and need the internal audio to work.

Any updates? I’m experiencing the exact same issue