Headphones not working in MR816 CSX

I just made the switch from a PC to a Mac Pro running Lion. I have downloaded all the current drivers and still cannot hear the headphones on 1 and 2. Everything else runs perfect, monitors etc… I dont know what else to do? I have gone into MR editor and enabled 1 and 2 , ran the new update and still nothing. I have a new born at home and dont have the luxury of using my monitors when im tracking. I have a deadline on a new project and this is really starting to annoy me. Im really close to taking this MR816 and throwing out of my window and replacing it with a Fireface. I am not a noob and have been doing this a while and have tried everything, so if the Steinberg folks have any suggestion i would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Bump---- please somebody?

what version of Cubase do you use ?