This might be a silly question, but why can’t I use my headphones on Cubase 10 artist? When I use media player or other versions of Cubase (using the low latency asio driver), I can switch from computer speakers to headphones by simply plugging in my headphones, and then remove when going back to computer speakers. However with Cubase 10 when I plug my headphones in the computer speakers continue to emit sound and nothing comes through the headphones, regardless of how many times I plug in/out. Do I need to select headphones somewhere in the DAW? This seems strange. Would like to get this sorted as I do a lot of my arranging on planes and I’m travelling soon!!

Some computers have several audio devices that are available to work with the low latency ASIO driver.
You say that other versions of Cubase work without issue. So I suggest that you open a CB version that works and check to ensure that the settings in CB 10 Artist for the driver chosen in the VST Audio System menu and the output bus in the VST Connections menu are set exactly the same as in the older version (they may be slightly different if the asio driver is using a different device).

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Another option if not using a dedicated ASIO compatible soundcard/interface …


I’m going to assume by your use of the term “media player” that you are using Windows (which exact version is anybody’s guess).

Anyway, this is the preferred “generic” driver.

Yes, I’m using Windows, by media player I’m referring to any of the multi media devices I have on board, windows media player, winamp etc, anything that plays sound/movies. I’ll try the generic driver, thanks.

Thanks Scab Pickens, worked a treat. I’m not sure why the generic driver that comes with the Cubase 10 package didn’t allow me to use headphones, but the one you suggested works fine, cheers.

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I have the same issue when using Cubase Elements 10 on my Surface Go… I use the generic low latency ASIO driver… The way I solve the problem is like this:

Click the Studio menu at the top, scroll down to Studio Setup and click on that. When the Studio Setup window opens, click on the Control Panel button at the top. Under Output Ports, the devices listed are Headphones and Speakers. By default it’s set to Speakers. Click on the box next to Headphones so that it switches to Headphones and then click OK to close the Control Panel. Click OK to close the Studio Setup window.

Next click on the Studio menu and then click on Audio Connections. In the ‘Device Port’ column, if you see two boxes with greyed out text that says “Not Connected”, click on those boxes and select the appropriate headphone setup (left and right) and that should work. At least that’s what works for me.

Wow, thanks AnimeJoe, that’s a lot of manipulation for a simple task. I used scab pickens suggestion for a different driver and it works fine, same as before, plug in, headphones work, plug out, speakers work. I’m using a surface pro, might be a surface thing?