Heads up: (Old) Steinberg free VST Classics Plugins

I don’t know if this is very well known or not, but just stumbled on some older plugins that are fully working on Cubase 11 in Win 10 64 bit, and as they’re freely available I thought i’d share incase anyone was unaware and wanted some old freebies:-

[VST Classics Vol. 1 & 2 | Steinberg](VST Classics Vol 1 & 2)

Model E is actually quite good, even today very useable. Very low CPU too :slight_smile:
I remember VB-1 from when i used Cubase many many years ago, so was like seeing an old friend haha. Not sure i’ll use that so much.

Only one that hasn’t shown up, so can’t confirm working is the Karlette.

Edit: Sorry, it is working it’s an audio insert plugin (delay), sadly controls and writing is so small it’s barely useable, oh well. :frowning:

Edit2: The Model-E (Moog Model D emulation) is actually 16 channel multi-timbral, I don’t know why that makes me laugh so much - but it has, i guess it’s such a throwback to when that multi-timbral was super popular. Damn, love simple plugins like this! :slight_smile:


You must have seen my profile page :grinning:

Haha, still waving the Neon flag - nice. And no I hadn’t noticed your page. :slight_smile:

I remember Neon somewhere between 3.5 and SX2 (moved to Logic after SX2), and it was a really exciting seeing VSTi’s for the first time. I remember thinking how amazing it would be if you could run 4-5 instances with little latency… And now look! :slight_smile:

Was running a Creative Audigy soundcard running some bizarre EMU infused driver to maximise it’s potential.

Good memories with Neon and Soundfonts. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sweet memories of my early Cubase days. I came on board with Cubase VST 5.0 (just before SX) specifically because of Cubase becoming a platform for plugins (I had experienced some other software environments becoming such platforms and what goodness that brought to their respective eco-systems).

It also marked the day I retired my tape based audio recording setup (ADAT) and the associated tape synchronization.

I think it’s great that Steinberg gave these vintage plugins an extended lease on life!

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Yes, these have been around for quite some time but well “hidden” in full view on the website :slight_smile:
I applaud Steinberg for giving these new life, along with things like the Midex driver which I’m still using (albeit only occasionally these days).

Luxury that were! But try tellin’ the kids about that nowadays …

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