HEADS UP! Ozone 8 Advanced ver 8.02 update and WL 9.5.35

Heads up to the group. Yesterday I ran the Ozone 8 Advanced ver 8.02 update and started having error messages in Wavelab 9.5.35. I uninstalled Ozone and installed previous ver 8.01 and working fine again. I have the Ozone Product Portal App on my computer which tells me if there is any update for the Izotope products and that is where I saw the revision. I’ll wait a few weeks before trying again. Not sure what was updated with this revision of Ozone 8. I’ll check.

I did an update of Ozone 8 and a quick test.
Found no issues. Everything is working fine.
I am on Windows 10 / 1809
Any more infos what errormessages would be helpful

All good here on Mac too.

It works fine while working on the file, but while monitoring the rendered version with the master effects offline, I got a unknown error and Ozone gets deleted from the Master Effects.

Sometimes a get this Unknown plugin error with other plugins.