Headtracker OSC with Waves NX + NXOSC


I’ve recently found this application https://audiooo.com/nxosc by Katsuhiro Chiba.
All info is in japanese but in short it’s a Waves Nx headtracker hack, and it works on MacOS.
So i thought, great I could use that to have Nuendo track my head, right?
Well not that easy it seems, i can’t figure it out. I probably need to use max msp to run a patch that converts the raw osc data to meaningful data.
but thte biggest problem is, what data does Nuendo need? I’ve fiddled with the setttings but the OSC server does not respond.
I see that it uses Headpose firmware 1.0 but cannot find that app…

anyone knowledgeable here that can help out.

Thanks in advance!