Hear Daniel speak about how Dorico was developed (online: April 2nd 3PM EDT UTC-07)

I didn’t see any other post about it here, but I thought folks might be interested.

ASMAC is hosting an event where Daniel talks about Dorico.

From the description:

Frank Heckel will interview Daniel on how Dorico was created.

We will get exciting first-hand info about:

  • how it “happened at all”
  • the early stages of concept, design, and development
  • how the “wheel was re-invented” by being forced / able to start from scratch again
  • how SMUFL was created (this “weird” acronym is more important for ye musicians than you might have expected)
  • and we even might get a glimpse of the future of Dorico.

Questions from participants are more than welcome. This is your chance to ask Daniel what you always wanted to ask about Dorico (but were afraid to do so…).


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It was a really interesting talk, thanks for that!
Though a bit long, after 2:30 I quitted, but the end did not seem close then!

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Yup great session Daniel. Fascinating to hear your career path from 1999 onwards which in a way is the flip side of the coin to many long time end-users who moved from Finale in the early 1990’s to Sibelius in my case c.1999 on Windows and then on to Dorico. Many many thanks. Be great if the video gets reposted somewhere else as I note paid membership is required for that group.


Was this event recorded so that we can watch?

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It would have been but I dare say that you’ll need to be a member of ASMAC to view it.

Great talk Dan, Nice to see the Human side of Dorico, I must say.

I, myself was only able to catch the first 90 minutes, but I loved the part where Daniel spoke in more detail about the internal architecture of Dorico, including exactly what happens when you change a small thing, like the duration of the note, and the cascading effects of that on the layout engine, audio engine and the different layers of the program. The tips on how to set up Dorico to be most efficient were very valuable. Is that kind of information available in a blog post? If not, that would be a fantastic “deep dive” post!

Thanks for the talk!

Really hope to have chance listening to this. Maybe another live cast at Dorico’s own Discover Dorico series?

I missed it as I was teaching yesterday afternoon. I’m a member of ASMAC, but they don’t seem to have it reposted on the site yet. Hopefully, they’ll make it available, as they do have a lot of great vids! (This reminds me I still have to watch the Latin arranging vid Doug Beavers did last week too.)


It should be available soon, hopefully. They record all the sessions.

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Just wanted to mention it’s up on the site now. At 3.5 hours (!!!) I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to watching it, but I’ll check it out sometime soon.


Wow still one hour to go after I left…
But sadly only for members of ASMAC!