Hear notes in key editor by a single left click

I just shifted to cubase 10 after having used reaper.
Is it possible to hear the notes in the key editor with a single left click while the selection tool is enabled ? ie without actually drawing in the notes, just hearing them, which is a thing in reaper as you have to double-left click to draw a note.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, make sure the Acoustic Feedback is enabled in the Key Editor.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I know that works for notes that have already been input, i already have it enabled. But i want to hear a note before i input it, much like a preview of the note.
A single left click with the ‘arrow’ tool enabled does nothing in the key editor, so i would much rather have it audition a note before i double click to draw it, like in reaper.

Ah so clicking in empty editor space. Nice Idea!


You can click to the virtual keyboard on the left side.

We know…but if you then move your pointer all the way to the right of the editor it is easy the drop or raise (a few ) notes. So audible conformation would be great. How many times did you think you were adding a C and it turned out to be a B etc.
It’s really a good idea! Or asign a key command to it. Audition current position in midi (key) editor. That way you can have your drawing pencil already selected (I prefer drawing over doubleclicking in contrast to OP)


You can change the Pitch after click to add a MIDI Note.

  • Click to Add the MIDI Note
  • Move cursor up/down to change the Velocity.
  • Hold down Alt to change the Pitch.
  • Hold down Ctrl/Cmd to change the length.
  • Hold down Shift to change the Note Start position.
  • Release the mouse => The note is entered.

That is exactly what i have in mind! Could you please elaborate on how and where I can change the settings to enable this feature?

In the future I hope :wink: I just agreed with you and explained it to Martin. All his tips are great! But still a step more. Well thinking of it not really a step more. He says just create the note (maybe wrong one) and the modify it with the modifiers… is 2 clicks. I will start learning the modifiers while I wait for Steinberg to implement our left click audition feature.

Oh haha, well i guess i’ll have to make do with what i have.
Thanks everyone for the help!


I would recommend to post this Feature Request to the Feature Request thread now.