Hear Popping

Working on Cubase 5 essentials, Windows XP on the PC, with Yamaha Audiogram 3. Im hearing popping in the background. At first I thought it was because I was using too many tracks and the system was getting too much work, Then I started a fresh new project and started hearing popping after just laying down one track. Is there anyone out there who may have tips to eliminate popping. Thanks my USB Audio Codec is operating at 512 to eliminate skipping in my latency is there anything I need to do.

Few infos needed :

  • Infos about your PC hardware (which proc/mb ? HT enabled ?)
  • Did you recently installed or changed something on your DAW (hard or soft) recently ?
  • Is it a new issue or does it happened since your Yamaha device has been installed ?
  • Does it only happen on playback only or even when you record ?
  • Do you have ASIO or disk spikes when it occurs ?

Few things to look at first, though :

  1. Use this tool (http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml) to check if there is not something wrong about what your system is presently able to handle, concerning audio. I had the same kind of problem few years ago and the culprit was the BIOS of my Gigabyte mb. Updating it to a debugged version solved the problem. But usually, the culprit is among the followings : Wi-Fi, faulty DVD unit, background working program or processes (antivirus, scheduling progs…), USB or BIOS config, such as power or sleep state settings…

  2. Be sure that your Yamaha is the only audio device available, in other words, deactivate any on-board audio device in the BIOS, and to use the dedicated ASIO driver of your Yamaha device (avoid any 'ASIO full duplex or ‘Direct X sound’ one).

  3. Check in the ‘Device setup’ window, the config of Cubase : try to use the ‘Multiprocessing’ option or change the ‘Audio priority’’ one…

I recently had a virus on my computer. I then did a full System recovery to start my computer over from the factory setting and put a new virus protection on. Before I caught the virus my computer was fine and cubase worked. I bought extra memory 3 years ago to make sure it could handle cubase. I once had the problem before and one of the guys from steinberg took me through my control panel and did something. I sense forgot and at the time didnt remember to document it.

the crackling happens during playback, and during recording. I use ASIO.

Hi are you by any chance using Malware Bytes anti malware? The reason I ask is because I had a similar experience and I discovered that Malware Bytes was constantly writing to a log and the disk IO wasn’t able to keep up (and I have solid state hard disk).
I exit Malware Bytes and the issue is resolved