Hearing both a previous take +live playing at the same time?


I know I been very busy posting a lot of questions/posts. It will calm down soon, but I’m new to Cubase since a few weeks back and of course I’ve ran into some problems…

When I record a guitar on an Audio Track and then wanna correct mistakes on that take, I do another recording over the one I just did, not the whole part but for sake of argument lets say I wanna keep the first 4 beats but wanna re-record the last 4 beats. But the problem is that I need to have “monitering on” to be able to hear what is being recorded live, but then I cant hear the old recording at the same time as I hear myself playing live (this is of course on the same Audio track).

Is there a way to hear the old take at the same time as you record a new take, on the same track? Or is this just the way it works in Cubase? I’ve learned about punch in/out, but the problem is still there…

/many regards!

Go to Preferences, VST, and change your Monitor Mode to Tape Machine Style. You won’t hear yourself and the original at the same time, but if Cubase is in Play, you will hear the original, and when you go into Record you will hear your live performance. Enjoy!

Also remember to set the left locator at the dropin point then enable dropin on left locater.

Here’s how I do it… cut using the scissors around the offending part, make sure it’s highlighted, press the P key, sets the locators to the cut part, press backspace, deletes the offending part, press the I key, sets dropin on left locator then rewind to some time before the drop in. press play, you will hear the old take playing, when Cubase gets to the left locator it will go into record mode and you will now hear yourself playing, if you also have drop out on right locator set Cubase will dropout of record at that point.

Repeat until new part is good.

Sounds a lot but once you get it, it becomes very quick