Hearing midi loops

Can anyone tell me how I hear midi files when using the loop browser? Do I need to open a vst synth eg the Halion?

No. Usually you just have to click on them and they’re played with the VSTi that you saved 'em with.
You had an instrument track with a VSTi opened that had a preset loaded when you exported the MIDI Loop, right?

Sorry I should have said they are midi loops and so far I’ve not used them with any synths or plugins

So it’s not really a Cubase MIDI Loop. It’s just a MIDI File.
When you want to prelisten it with a certain VSTi you have to import them on an instrument track
with a VSTi on it that has a sound loaded. Then click on File > Export > Export as MIDI Loop.
You’ll find it in the Media Bay and the Loop Browser right away. The search will be easier when you
set the media type in the filter to MIDI Loops.

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Many thanks DaBeats thats a great help :slight_smile:

You can also listen in the MediaBay without loading onto a track. But, if it is a multi, you need to have a GM synth to receive the info. You can set the destination on the bottom right side of the Previewer bar in the Media Bay. It can even be something that sounds like crap like the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.

Yeah. If the drum’s were made with a gm mapped instrument. :wink:

Or a multi-instrument, multi channel MIDI file. There is a load message at the start of each track that selects the GM instrument. I have lots of those …

Nice to know. Thanks!

As I could not find the info in the handbook I did try a little experiment! I opened halion one in device>VST Instruments and it showed up in the previewer dialogue box in the loop browser. It didnt play the sound the midi loop was meant for but as long I had the halionOne set to piano it at least gave me an idea of what the rtyhm was all about in the midi loop