Hearing on Left side & Too low volume when export a project.

OK! I try again! I just posted a question for a few weeks ago about Cubase Studio 5 do not record any stereo track on both side of monitor. I can only hear the left side. Do I really need to add two tracks for Stereo Left & Right?? What is it depending on?

That was the first question.

Next question is: Have anyone had some trouble when mixing down and export then not get the original and correct volume as it is on the Cubase project? The volume is to low and I can’t almost hear anything.

I hope I made my self clear!

Thank you!

The most common reason why one would hear playback only on the left is if you were recording a mono signal (a single mic, guitar direct, etc) onto a Stereo track. When you add a track in Cubase, the type refers to the input (not the output). What signal source are you trying to record? What inputs are you connected to? In Devices, VST Connections, what Device Ports do you have Stereo In set to?

The volume for the export is determined by the Stereo Out fader. As long as this is set to unity (0.00 dB), the export will be the same as the playback in Cubase.

Hi! I’ m using Presonus studiolive 16.0.2 digital mixer and on the cubase my settings look like that; output 1 stereo bus and input 1 stereo bus and two mono buses on the vst connections. When I add a track i choose stereo and stereo in and stereo out (input/output).

Where can I find the stereo out fader on the cubase mixer or??

I do not see any problems on the Device setup. The channel are activated.

I opened new track and choosed Stereo in Stereo out.

What signal source are you trying to record (a guitar, a mic, a stereo keyboard)? On the inputs tab under Device Ports, what are you connected to?

The Stereo Out is on the Mixer in Cubase.

Sorry I forgot to answer your question.

I use a Blubird Microphones throw my interface.

Can you specify where exactly I have to change the settings on the Cubase mixer?
I can see that under the fader is something 00 db and something with very small numbers over 00 db.

I can also say that I used PC before ans has no problems with these problems and now I use iMac and the problems showed up.

If you are using a single mic, you should record to a Mono track. Go to Project, Add Track, Mono. Then select a mono input that connects to the proper Device Port (in VST Connections). Then when you record it will be a single signal that plays out in Stereo (as long as you have Stereo Out as the output).

Can you please post a screen shot of mixer?

Also, it is possible that you are turning up the output signal or processing it in some way with the Presonus. I would suggest verifying that you are not doing this, as any changes to the output signal on the Presonus will not be captured by Cubase on Export Audio Mixdown.

Here is the screenshot!
Skärmavbild 2014-10-30 kl. 07.21.35.png

When you playback the file, does the Stereo Out on Cubase meter in Stereo?

What version and build of Cubase Studio do you have installed (Cubase menu, About)? What Mac OS are you on?

Cubase studio 5 and OS Yosemite.

The left meter signal is showing up, but not the right one.

Cubase Studio 5 has been discontinued for several years. The last Mac OS it was supported for was 10.7: http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cs5&L=1

Here is the official statement on 10.10 currently: https://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/official-letter-on-yosemite-update-2837.html

Okey…?! The software does not work on my os? Then why does cubase open while using Yosemite?
I had same problems with the issue before updating the OS.
What should I do now, buy a new cubase version?

When we say a program is “not supported”, we are not saying that it will not work at all. We are saying that we cannot provide support, updates, or do testing for issues that may arise from it, so you will be using it at your own risk.

I would not recommend trying to use Cubase Studio 5 on 10.10. I would suggest using it on 10.7.

You can upgrade to Cubase 7.5, but again, that is also not officially supported for 10.10 yet. For the time being, I would suggest using 10.9 personally. I hope this information is helpful.

O boy!!! So update to Yosemite can cause trouble like hearing on left side and export problems.
Would steinberg fix this thing so it will be possible to use newer OS?

thank you for your help!

I have not heard from any other customers that 10.10 is causing trouble for them with export. However, CS5 has been discontinued for many years, so there are probably fewer customers trying to use it on 10.10. Since it’s last OS support was 10.7, if you are setting everything up properly in Cubase, the OS would be the most likely culprit. I do not expect any further updates to CS5, again, because of the numbers of years and revisions since it was discontinued.