Hearing sound from my VSTi even without any MIDI info

I have an instrument track open with Massive, I have nothing on the track (no MIDI info) but when I hit playback, I hear a chord.
In another words, I’m getting MIDI input from the track.
I’ve disconnected my MIDI keyboard and I’ve unassigned all chords from the chord pad, but I’m still getting a chord.
I’ve never had this issue until I started using the chord pad.
What gives?

I just found out that it only plays a chord at the initial playback when I have the record button armed.
If I turn it off, the chord doesn’t play.
What the hell is going on?

I’ve experienced the same. I have an instance of Kontakt being triggered by a Chord Track and it does the same when hitting play even when there’s nothing there to cause it.

I have had this problem since Cubase 7 and I have never been able to find outwhat causes it and how to get rid of it. It does not happen often though.