Hearing Static interference with Zoom H6

I am new to the H6 and to cubase as well.
I followed all the instructions to use the zoom H6 as an audio interface and got it to record myself speaking and listening to myself on cubase.
The problem is that, I hear static (like two electric cables touching each other). This happens when I am not recording and also when I am recording.
I have some headphones connected to the H6 which is connected via USB to my PC (windows 7 64 bit)
Also, when I listen to my recorded audio I can hear some static noises about every three seconds plus the static I am getting on my headphones (about every two to three seconds as well).
I am using the latest AISO driver (multitrack).
recording on stereo track.

checked for driver updates on both the zoom H6 (ver 2.0) and my sound card (which is directly connected my motherboard, I don’t have an external sound card.)
I also tried changing the USB connection to another USB port. problem persists.

What might I be missing? What can I do to fix this?
If you need any more information please let me know and I shall provide.

it maybe just as simple as reducing your buffer rate. sounds like clipping to me, is your CPU meter (L/H/S of transport bar) hitting the red?

Is the sample rate on the zoom the same as in Cubase/on your soundcard? Seem to remember that a zoom can have various sample rates to extend the recording time available. Not sure if this is your problem, but it’s worth a look to narrow the problem down still further. Can’t add anything else really as it’s hard to visualise what you’re hearing from your description.
Neil (just trying to help a bit)!

Thanks for your responses!
I am sorry but I believe I do not have the knowledge of these “buffer rates,” where may I modify them?
Sam thing with the sample rates =/ I remember lowering the latency to 1.0ms, is this what we are talking about?
Also, I am willing to upload a sound recording of these noises but that will have to be until tomorrow. That way you guys can hear what I can hear.

Also, I was trying to do some voice over today on a video using Premiere.
Everything was fine until I set my H6 as the defoult input device. as soon as I did that, the zoom H6 started to make these noises again. BZZZT … * BZZZZZT* … bzzzt and then BOOM blue screen. The Zoom H6 crashed my whole system!
I going crazy right now.
The update 2.0 is on my H6 so there shouldn’t any driver problem there.

I’ve not used a Zoom directly with Cubase. It belongs to my wife who downloads straight to HD so can’t really help you any further. But I do think you need to use read the Zoom manual (which is quite good). It shows you how to adjust sample rates etc as I mentioned above. I’d get used to understanding the Zoom and then maybe you’ll approach it more confidently with Cubase.
Sorry I can’t help further.

Yes the manual is good and required reading to operate the H6 properly.

I have the H6 and don’t have the problems the OP is having so it could be a setting issue, but from the description it sounds like noise/interference from the computer/onboard soundcard .

List the specs for your computer, brand,motherboard etc.


I have the same problem.Problem starts when i add an input bus.It’s like two wires barely connect each other and make a ‘‘bzzzt’’ sound…Couldn’t solve it , appreciate any help…Regards

Hi Everyone

I`m new in this topic :unamused:

I have exactly the same problem :open_mouth: Any new tips??