'Heaven Knows' made in C7 (music)

Here is a link to a song called ‘Heaven Knows’ which I produced in Cubase 7 for the unsigned Edinburgh artist Steve J. Ward. This was my first music video film and edit too.


Hope to get feedback good or bad. Thanks


Very nice production, would be very interested to know the vocal path please, you’ve managed to make his whispery vocal very forward and clear in the mix…would love to be able to do that… :mrgreen:


Thanks Kevin. That vocal was initially a challenge given it’s less projection than I’m used to. I realised the best way to do less than more. Some basic eq,compression and little ‘ambient vocal’ preset Toontrack ezmix.

very nice piece of work…musically and visually


Thanks Frank.

Hi Al,

Good job! Nice production, both sound and video.


Thanks Wim

From a production/mixing standpoint I think you’ve nailed the mids and highs - it sounds open, carefully positioned and the reverb work is excellent - opening up the mix well.

i’d say his voice is a little too loud in the mix, but that’s just tast.

i do think that the bass end is lacking and the song sufferers as a result; it needed more warmth and roundness in the low end to really help the listener engage with the track: I’ve stuck it through a TC Fabrik C EQ and boosted the 60hz, 1.1khz (a little) and added a bit of a high shelf at 6khz - crude but this sounds a lot more engaging when you do this.

hope this helps, it’s very professional stuff btw

Thanks Toby. Yes in hindsight I agree the bass is a tad lacking. I might go and tweak that a little.

Thanks for your feedback.


really nice song, love it !
Production is one of the best i’ve heard in the forum, good job. Deserves air and video play! :smiley:

Thanks a lot Desert. :slight_smile: Al

Great production and mix, it does lack a bit of warmth because lack of low end and has a bit of harshness in highs probably from trying to get soft vocals out front. These are small issues and overall it’s wonderful

Thanks Kenny. I totally do get that about the low end. Cheers

Your stuff always sounds good, no different here (also I don’t care much for the singer, he’s written a decent song)