Heaven's Jam

My first song made with Halion 6 + Groove Agent SE :slight_smile:


Sounds veeery good, I never paid too much attention to Groove Agent, didn’t know it could sound so good :slight_smile:
So the piano and everything else is Halion? What about the bass?

Yeah…everything besides bass :slight_smile: Bass is freeware Ample Bass P Lite II. But there is only this one bass sound…this time it fits to what I was looking for.

Thank you! Anyway I think that I must to start learning about mixing and mastering because other songs from other people sounds fuller or fatter… Mine is a little like cheap recording on a tape from some TV:/

The mix sounds pretty good to me. What you could use is some ‘mastering’ (compression + limiting) to bring up the general loudness.

Thanks I will try…or use some youtube tutorial… because this is new for me…never did this before:P even more… never used limiter or compressor or gate in any project…:smiley: sorry… I’m amateur :slight_smile: