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I’ve used cubasis since it first started, I hate all the constant upgrades. It’s like re-learning things every time, which is why I hope you can help me please. I have cubasis VST 5, the software the dongle, the lot, I’ve used it for years, but have recently upgraded to a new computer and NO ONE and I mean no one can help me get this software to work because I have lost the serial number, even the original provider cant help me. Does anyone here have any advice other than “Tough luck! Buy a new one”?

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If you have the dongle you shouldn’t need your serial number at all, the license is contained on the dongle.

Thanks for the response bro. Very much appreciated. I will give it another go and let you know how I get on.


Unfortunately it’s still asking for a serial number, so I cant get past that stage. I’m going to need to buy something else. Darn it.

If you open up the eLicenser control center, you should see your dongle and its contents. Does it show your license for VST5?

When you say “it” is asking for the serial number what do you mean/ Where is the dialog box coming from?

I think their advice is correct. First get the Elicense software d/l and install it. It’s backwards compatible. I imagine the dongle may be a game port version rather than USB. I don’t think that will matter. In the Elicense utility it will show you your serial number.

Let us know if the dongle is USB or a Game port version.

I just realized how old this post is! The OP probably has it sorted out by now. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s a game port version. If it is, I saw someone experience the same problem about 6 months ago. If you get in touch with Steinberg, they will have you destroy the old dongle and purchase a USB dongle to which they will give you a code to activate your Cubasis.
It used to be easier in that the eLicenser would import your license from the old dongle and then transfer it to the newer type USB dongle. That’s what I had to do about 7-8 years ago. Unfortunately, they no longer support that transition.

Yes I’m having the same problem, this version never had a usb dongle e-liscencer thing, it just had the dongle that fitted into the printer socket and when you put the instalation disc in it asked you for your serial number and user name! I’m completely stuck as well as mine came pre installed by Carillon music systems who no longer exist.

I’ve found Steinberg very helpful in providing serial numbers if you let them know the dongle number. It will probably be printed on the outside of these printer port dongles, if not, its very easy to take them apart and the number is inside.

The reason so many people have lost their serial numbers is that Steinberg only provided the serial number on a seperate postcard type bit of paper that the user was told to send back to Steinberg to register their product.

All the Cubase products I’ve installed (or re-installed) in the past (from Cubase VST5 to Cubase 4) has required a serial number, “experts” please note!!.

And a bit of history - Cubasis products don’t have dongles, just serial numbers. Often its printed on the disk itself. At one time, the Steinberg site did provide a number for some of the Cubasis products.