Please guys I really need help. So I want to know if it’s possible to apply a vst instrument on a pre recorded audio track from a live recording

sure is…


I appreciate your response. I would be so glad if you can walk me through the process. I have been knocking my head out on this for weeks now but sadly there’s no headways

What is it that you want to do exactly and with which vst?
(In detail)

By “apply a VST instrument,” what do you mean?

  1. Re-trigger a kick drum based on the kick in the existing mix?
    – send a copy of the track to an EQ that’s tuned to the kick drum fundamental, with very narrow Q. Turn the sound of the second channel into trigger. Route to the kick drum sound you want.

  2. Play an additional instrument on top of the existing mix?
    – Drag the music file in to an audio track from the file browser. Create a second track with the VST instrument. Set the second track to record, and start playback. Play along!

  3. Remove music from a pre-existing mix, and re-create new music, keeping the vocals?
    – Open up the audio track in the Audio → Plugins → Spectralayers One view. Choose the “Unmix Vocals” feature, and press return in the settings window. When the vocals are extracted, drag them to another audio track, and mute the original audio track. Create new music any way you want.