Heeelp cubase 11, m1 monterey,apollo twin uad

good morning, I’m Ivan from Milan and for a few days Cubase has been crashing while I use it, sometimes when I finish working I have to force quit if I can’t log out of Cubase itself.
We’ve only had these problems for about 4 days, never had them before!!!

my set up is: cubase 11pro, monterey m1, apollo twin mk2
thanks for the reply
grazie e buon giorno

my paranoia is that if I update Monterey, then Cubase 11 I have to update accordingly!!! or update apollo twin,with further costs that I cannot bear for now


Cubase 11 is not officially Monterey compatible and it will never be. Might be even Cubase 12 will not.

But, attach the *.ips files, we will inspect it, if we find, where does it crash.

Does it really crash or does it freeze?

hi thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in answering, a question where can I find this file? ,what is it,? and how do I send you this file?..

.cubase every now and then drops, crash, no freeze, while I use it, and every now and then I have to force exit, when once my session is finished I save and exit, and in this moment I have to force it to quit

but it’s only been doing it for a few days and a year that I’ve been using Cubase 11 with Monterey and I’ve never had any problems.

Grazie for answer


Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).


buongiorno mr jirsak sorry for delate answer…
i forgot. about one week ago I bought. display link manager for work whit two monitor…anyway.
Cubase 11-2023-11-01-103202.ips (83.4 KB)
I screenshot. this you asked me. before

DisplayLinkUserAgent-2023-11-01-071651.ips (26.0 KB)
DisplayLinkUserAgent-2023-10-28-170725.ips (28.4 KB)