Height and Width for graphic slices?

I can’t seem to use the Height and Width fields for graphic slices. I need a specific dimension (I know I can just do the math, but that gets a bit tedious when there are a ton of them). Am I missing something?


I guess the edges of the frame are locked. If you release them using the lock buttons in the left panel, the width and/or height fields are activated.

I don’t believe constraint controls are available for graphic slices.

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Yes, sorry, you’re right. I mixed up graphic slices and graphic frames. There indeed seems to be no way to enable the height and width fields.

And that’s why you can’t use height nor width.

There are fields for it though! A bit frustrating.


I don’t understand. It works for me. I have used Properties to resize slices in both 3.5 and 4.0.

Did you definitely create a slice?

I can define Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. What I can’t seem to define is Length and Width. Can you?

Ohh, sorry, right. LRTB are not as intuitive for sizing, but I guess if you size it starting at (0,0) then you could drag it around by the border without it changing.

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Funnily enough, if you record making a slice as a macro, there will be a height parameter set in the resulting Lua command, but not a width parameter (at least in the instances I’ve tried), and if you modify that parameter and play the macro back, it doesn’t affect the result at all.

local app=DoApp.DoApp()

will all create exactly the same slice.

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Hi Dan,

I can’t get this to work either.

For use in worksheets, I made up a file with all enharmonic notes for the range of the clarinet as individual flows and created slices for each note. It was fiddly.

Being able to access the height and width fields for slices in the lower zone would have saved a huge amount of time. I wonder this is an option that just needs to be enabled by the Dorico developer team.

Best wishes,


An obvious feature that should have been in v.1.

V 1. didn’t have slices.