Helix Native plugin problem

Just upgraded from cubase artist 9 to pro 9 2 days ago. I’ve never used outside plugins with any recording I’ve done going back to cubase 5. I just downloaded a trial version of the brand new line 6 Helix Native plugin. I see it in my inserts choices in projects, but I’m getting “an exception has occurred…” message that basically leads me to abandon ship with Helix Native.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times with identical results.
I know Line 6 has seemingly been a Steinberg recommendation for guitar plugins for awhile, so this problem I’m having surprises me. I’m running recently updated Windows 10 and everything is 64 bits.
Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated.

I’m quite a noob to all this so may be barking up the wrong tree but…

I downloaded the trial and it constantly crashed like yours because it needs an Internet connection, I had the network adapter disabled. As soon as I enabled it I could run as many instances as I liked with no problem.

I bought the full version, it’s a fantastic piece of software.