Hello, been a while!

Hello all,

Been a while, music was not my first priority the last months.
But I am up and running again!

I had some live projects, did write some songs which I will post the coming weeks.

Anyway, hope that you all are well and that is is still a nice place to visit.

Greetz Dylan.

Welcome back, hope all has been well with you.

Greetings, welcome back :sunglasses:


Welcome back, Dylan. Awaiting the new choons. :sunglasses:

Welcome back… :sunglasses: (I returned a week or two ago).

Cheers Dylan


Hey Dylan. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

Greetings from Oz, Dylan,



Welkom terug, Dylan! :slight_smile:


Welcome back. It took you long enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and I was gone again!

Pfff, sometimes things don’t go as you plan.
Finally my new project is coming to a close. My deadline was April this year but I am still working on it.
I will post the result later today in a new thread, I can use some critics.
It will be used for soulsurfers, a foundation that does good will projects all over the world.

Greetz Dylan!

Hope all is well with your health.