Hello I miss the general update section on the homepage

The new website lacks the update section on the rightside of the startpage of steinberg’s website regarding the latest updates.

I still get it on email, but was used to check it a few times in the week.

Very handy, but disappeared completly ??
Can you bring this section back please?!

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Speaking as someone who’s used the forum since the apparent demise of the general update section, I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything important.

You can do it both, but for me it was enough to see the homepage and the right section and be done again!

I am sorry to hear that the news is missed and indeed, other users have requested bringing it back as well and we will consider improvements when it comes to spreading the news.
However, we analyzed the statistical usage and that part of the website was hardly every used. This is why we decided to focus on the Hubs in Cubase/Nuendo, the forum and social media. New product releases and vital statements will continue to be featured on the website, of course.

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It’s interesting that the Halion platform is so burried, is this any indication that Steinberg is abandoning dedicated development of it? If not, it seems like it should be more of a featured spotlight product and have it’s own tab. It’s not just an ‘instrument’ but also a development/scripting software.

HALion is by no means abandoned. It is always a question of what to feature in a top navigation. There isn’t room for every product up there. That’s it, no breaking news, no secret abandonment :wink: