Hello . i need help in spectralayers

Peace. I have a Cubase 11 and when I run the “spectraLayers” software and create an Acapella, I can’t drag the “VOCAL” channel to the Cubase channels, and when I try to drag it into the Cubase it signals to me a red circle indicating that the wackle cannot be dragged into the software . Would appreciate help!

confused by your post because this “just works!” every-time without fail for me!
I ve always been able to drag any event to a track
(my only issue is the size of the .cpr after you attempt to save it!)

what is a wackle? i think the world wants to know!

Hello again! That I create an Acapella in the software and try to drag it to the Cubase it does not allow me to drag it (does not open a channel in the Cubase itself of the Acapella itself). I would love to help!