Hello, is there any function way to 'activate EQ band 1' other than clicking?

So, I got this old Control 24 and installed V-control Pro.
Things all working smooth, except, there is not such button to ‘activate’ EQ bands on Cubase haha… Perhaps this is Cubase custom way to engage right?

So… I thought, lets make a key command and add this to Control 24 custom button available.

But I could not find it under key commands.

Is there any way?
Or shall I just manually, ‘save as EQ preset’ from now on…? (meaning, always activating all bands at 0 point)

I guess… V-Control app plugin is based upon HUI maybe… that is way I am having this issue.

But intuitive EQing was one of the reasons why I bought this oldy surface! haha…

Any input would be much appreciated!

Normally, the EQ engages a band when you change the band’s gain setting.

Ok I checked it again, and that only applies if you click in the graph.
What’s happening if you press one of the dials? Are they switches like on the SC48, maybe?

Hello! Oh, I solved my issue, V-Control Pro app bundle actually also includes special ‘MIDI MODE’ so I can custom map every knob so, yeah, I then customized it through MIDI REMOTE editor.

Just amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cause Control 24 was originally made for PT. There was no engaging button made. But Workaround is totally fine, because MIDI mode is just one switch :slight_smile:

And your Control24 was very cheap. :wink:

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Dirt cheap, but bet it is the best daw controller with V-control Pro for its used market price range, believe me :slight_smile:

Nuage one day! haha… :slight_smile: