Hello, Newby here. How long for the USB-e-Licenser?

Hi guys and galls,
I just bought Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5. (download) thought i get it on thursday and installed for the weekend, but…i also needed to buy a USB-e-Licenser…so i did,.But when i check my order in my acounts it says by status…nothing…So when will it arive? Any idea?

i come for cakewalk Sonar Platinum ( a sinking ship…true, it has already sunk) :laughing:

all the best,
F :cool

Hi and welcome,

If you bought Cubase Pro 10.5 Retail version, an USB-eLicenser should be part of the order (if I’m right).

When the USB-eLicenser arrive, it highly depends on your locality. Honestly, it’s better to buy it from your local store.

Thanks, mate, justgot it today im up and running…ehrm, not running yet, but learning :slight_smile:

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