Hello there, great day to you How do i do this: If No Notes Above C4, Then Disable/Mute/Avoid/Circumvent "Aftertouch" ?

Hi there,

Could someone tell me how to do this,

" If No Notes Above C4, Then Disable/Mute/Avoid/Circumvent using “Aftertouch” ?


Do you mean Logical Editor or MIDI Input Transformer?

What do you mean by “if no Notes Above C4”? Do you mean in the whole selection? Or in the MIDI Notes stream (how long)? Or do you mean if the (tested) note is not above C4?


Yes i think either the logical editor or midi input transformer

And i mean, when notes are being held, if there are no notes above C4, how to avoid recording Aftertouch

Basically an on / off switch based on if notes are under or over C4 is what i am looking for

I am asking because i do not understand yet what parameters to put and in what order


You can try Input Transformer:

Latest Event | Bigger | Note is playing | 72/C4

Type | set to fixed value | Aftertouch


I haven’t tested it. :wink:

Thank you so very much,

I will try this and let you know how it goes