Hello dear DORICO -brethren,

I’m about to switch from Sibelius 2020 and finale 26 ====>> to DORICO Elements
and then maybe upgrade to PRO… What are the pro’s and con’s… Anybody else
feeling to switch ??

Welcome to the forum. I’d recommend taking a close look at which versions offer the functionality you need. And of course, you’re welcome to ask here for any questions you have. The Dorico team is very responsive, as well as a large base of enthusiastic users.

Nerds, even. :nerd:

Depending on your needs, the next two weeks would be a very good time to ignore Elements and plump straight for Pro.
I don’t know what country you’re in, but looking at the current Finale/Sibelius crossgrade pricing in GBP, it’s something like this:

Crossgrade to Dorico Pro: £119 (usually £239)


Elements (£85 - no crossgrade pricing)
Upgrade to Pro (£386!)
Utilise the Crossgrade pricing from Finale or Sibelius: £239, assuming you don’t do it by the 16th of September (when the crossgrade promotion expires).

However you look at it, if you start off buying Elements then - unless you’re never going to use Pro - you’ve thrown away the £85 cost of Elements.

I use both Sibelius and Dorico depending on the project. What I have found generally is that Dorico has solved many of Sibelius’ long-standing problems. On the other hand, it comes with its own set of problems. There are advantages to both, deepening on what you need it for. I recommend trying the trial versions of Dorico Elements as well as Pro and then deciding how to spend your money. As pianoleo pointed out, if you need the pro version, it’s more economical in the long-run to crossgrade from another software.

If you get a trial of Dorico Pro, you should be able to open it up as Elements by holding the Alt/Opt key when starting - this would allow you to double-check the comparison chart for yourself, i.e. to see if any of the differences affect your workflow or the styles of music you tend to create in a notation software, and to feel how the same project works in Pro compared to Elements.

Yeah, the crossgrade to Pro is a steal now. Extremely worth the price!

If you are using both Sibelius and Finale, I would guess that you are used to making fairly “low level” adjustments to the format of your scores.

Elements is a very capable piece of software but the basic idea of it is that you don’t do low level formatting at all, because the defaults are “good enough”. That applies not only to the music notation but also to page layout, titles, etc.

Given the very good discount offer available right now, I would suggest you just go for Pro, rather than take the risk of trying to save a relatively small amount of money.

You will probably find that you need to do much less low-level formatting in Dorico than you did in Sibelius or Finale, but that isn’t the same as not having the option to do it at all.