Hello all,

Artist 7 is amazing.

But i wanna know more about this huge program.
I need documentation in dutch.
The problem is, i cant find it.
only french, englisch, deutsch etc…




hi Robie.
i dont know if there is a dutch docu…
one of the ex Mods on this forum was from Holland he is a friend of mine … i will ask him …
if not i guess you could try running the pdf through a translater and fill in the bad bits yourself …

i will get back to you soon

Thankyou Tony,

if not, how do i translate it, which program?



You’re English seems quite okay. I didn’t seen any grammar mistakes in your first post (except some punctuation maybe, hehe).

I’m Dutch myself and almost all of us Dutchies speak English. Why do you need a Dutch manual when the software itself is English as well? It’ll just make you more confused. “Klik op de opnemen knop” What’s opnemen? Ah, right… record :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha heb je helemaal gelijk, ja mn engels kan beter maargoed.
dan is het wat makkelijker want ik ben al geen lezer haha.
en die kommas gaat automatisch. als ik maar verstaanbaar ben.
en als die handleiding er niet is dan toch maar engels,com :stuck_out_tongue:
ben jij trouwens bekend met cubase artist 7, stomme vraag trouwens

its easier to have a manual cuz, there are so many things in cubase
better to have it in dutch than english.

I’m not familiair with Cubase Artist 7, but I’m familiair with Cubase 7. Which is the same thing, but more :wink:

(keeping it English for the rest of the forum :slight_smile:)

I know it’s a bit off topic, but a few years ago I received a virus in an email from someone unknown to me.

I traced it to a Belgian ISP, and so decided I would report it to them. While their main website was in English, French and Dutch, the languages available for reporting problems were only French and Dutch.

In Australia, at the time when I was going to school, the only languages for study were French and German, of which I elected to do French. So armed with five years of high school French, I thought I would try to report the problem using French. By that I mean, read the French prompts/questions and answer in English. I only did French because a language was compulsory, not because I really wanted to! :blush: What it did teach me is how much of the English language is based on French, obviously due to the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

With the French predilection for creating technical terms peculiar to the French language, I could not understand ANY of the questions at all! The few recognisable general words gave me no clues as to what the technical terms were referring, so I had no idea what the questions were asking me about. :question:

After that I thought that I might as well try the Dutch. As it was, most of the technical terms were the same as English (probably really US), except for the endings. Nonetheless, I managed to readily identify what the questions were asking and so completed the questions easily, in English of course. :smiley:

Aside from that divertissement (I do occasionally drop in the token French word to show the five years was not completely wasted!), given the terseness of the Cubase manuals, and the lack of depth in any one topic, I find that even as an English speaker, I have to read some topics several times to make sure I have understood correctly. I would completely understand that unless you really feel comfortable reading English, you are better off having the documentation in your native tongue. Just don’t read the French one!