Help a new Nuendo user?

Hi guys

Long time Cubase user here (since version 1). I’ve recently moved up to Nuendo and I’m surprised to discover I can’t find things where I would have in Cubase. In this particular instance I wanted to open an audio part to do some freehand warping, and on Cubase all I’d have to do is double-click the part and I’m here. For whatever reason, double-clicking an audio file in Nuendo opens a Sampler edit window (even though the track isn’t a sampler track) which has no AudioWarp nor VariAudio parameters anywhere. Even after telling Nuendo to convert the audio recording into an Audio Part (no idea why it wasn’t one to begin with) there’s still not VariAudio or AudioWarp functionality in the opening window.

These two features were core aspects I used all the time, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks to all who reply!


Check the preferences, you can choose what Nuendo opens when you double click.

And check the manual for Vari Audio, works all fine here in (my) Nuendo.


Hi chednb

Thank you for your reply. I had checked preferences and attempted to check the manual, but all searches lead back to Cubase and not Nuendo. I’m sure VariAudio works great but I can’t find it. It’s not where it was in Cubase.

There is everything in the Nuendo manual…

Just open the sample editor and go to the vari audio section. Then enable edit vari audio and you are good. Easy as that :wink:

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Ahhhh thank you! It would seem that the left pane was hidden by default. That really helps, thank you so much!

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