help->about shows 8.5.0 after 8.5.2 update

I installed the 8.5.20 update; No errors were encountered that stopped the update, and the installer appears to have completed without issue.
However, the main splash screen and the help->about do not reflect the “8.5.20” version.
Is that the intended behavior ?
How can I tell whether the update installed correctly, or at all ?

This issue is not keeping me from working, but is a matter of concern. If indeed the update installation was supposed to update the version to “8.5.20”, I have to ask, what else might have gone wrong…

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.


It sounds like something went wrong. It shows the correct version for me on Win7:

The PDF in this page shows what was added or fixed in 8.5.20:

Thanks Romantique, now I know where I stand.
As I think about this; 8.5.20 allegedly includes the content from prior updates (8.5.1, 8.5.15) so I doubt the problem arises from installing 8.5.2 without first installing the prior ones. If I cant find the issue any other way, I may go back and try installing them in order.

Another thought, I may have had Cubase running while doing the install. I may try to run the 8.5.2 update again after being certain no apps are running.
Again, thanks for your response.


The problem is fixed.
I had Cubase open when I ran the update.