Help after computer crash

Hi everyone

Mark here. I wasn’t sure where to introduce myself so apologies for that!

My problem is I just bought Cubase elements 8 and it killed my computer, never had an issue with the computer before! It worked for a few weeks then died! My problem is I don’t know how to get Cubase to work after reinstalling CD, soft licence issues due to using it previously. Sent for re activation from Steinberg but I couldn’t get it to work. Anyone got any clear step by sep instructions to remedy this issue, you guessed it I’m crap with technicals!



Hi Mark, sorry for the trouble. It is odd that Cubase Elements 8 would “kill” a computer, particularly after working for a period of time.

I would suggest following up with the support request you sent in and let the agent know in what way the instructions did not work. If the Soft eLicenser is not seen or corrupted on the new system, I would suggest this article:[keyword_search]=SeL

I hope this information is helpful.

Hi Chris

Thank you for your reply, I’ve managed to sort it out, I’m up and running again! Just another point though!
I’ve saved my soft licence to a Steinberg USB, it works fine but when I want to take the USB out and remove it safety
It doesn’t show up in (my computer) it’s as if it doesn’t exist but as I said it still works! Is this normal, can you just remove it?



If you have transferred the license to the eLicenser USB key, you will need to keep the USB key connected to run the software.

No you misunderstood my question! I’m talking about when I want to unplug it when Iv’e finished, the option: it is now safe to remove your hardware doesn’t show up and when I go to (My Computer) it doesn’t appear there.

So I’m guessing because it’s a dongle it’s not proned to damage like a regular USB is!

It is not a drive. No problem pulling out.

Thank you. I’ve still experienced a few more crashes since reinstalling cubase
I’m using windows 8. 64 bit, processor AMD Radeon A8, 1.60 Gh, 8 gig ram is this system just inadequate for the job?
Could I do anything to improve performance, am I missing something within computer setting that’s causing it to crash? Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks in advance


What is the error you are receiving when the crash occurs? What are you doing in the software when the crash occurs?

The system sounds like it is within the requirements, but every system has it’s own limitation on processing power. There is not an equation to say, “This system should get this ____ audio tracks with ____ plugins”. What plugins are you loading in Cubase (please list each one and the number of instances)?