Help! Arpeggiator synth not playing back!!

So I LOVE the synth lead Beat Cream in Dorico. But when I press play it is not playing back!

If I open the synthesiser window the notes can audition fine I can hear them. And when I click on the notes in write mode I can hear it too. But when I hit play they are silent! In fact all the “arpeggiator synths” are acting in the same way.

I really hope someone can help.
I am a Mac user and am using Dorico 3.5.

Many thanks,

Welcome to the forum, Adam. The problem will probably be that your arpeggiator is relying on Dorico sending tempo information to the plug-in so that it knows the speed at which it should generate notes; unfortunately at this time Dorico doesn’t send tempo information to VST plug-ins, but this is something we plan to address in a future version.

Thank you so much Daniel for your response. That’s amazing. And Dorico is such a joy to work with. I was using one of the arpeggiator synths from Dorico’s own Halion library so thought I was doing something wrong but I’ll look forward to future versions. Many thanks