HELP! Assign Volume to Midi Part without automation

I’m tearing my hair out here!
I’ve previously used the older Cubase VST 5/32 in which each midi part could be assigned volume, pan, transpose etc. (perfect).

Can I do this in Cubase SX and newer versions? It seems impossible, without it governing the whole midi track, and that the only way to form volume changes in a track is to use automation. I loved the simplicity of the old way of having a specific volume for a specific part.

It seems that transpose and velocity can be assigned to parts, but not volume or pan!

You can insert MIDI commands for vol,pan, etc (CC controls) into a MIDI part using the List Editor. Its best that you learn how to use this editor from your manuals, but if you get stuck, ask more questions.

Thanks -
I’ve had a look at this, but, it seems like a long way round. Useful for for programme changes I guess.

In old Cubase VST 32/5, when you clicked on a part on the main project window you could very quickly adjust volume and pan and these would be independent of other parts in the track.

Do most users today rely wholly on using automation? It just seems to be more fiddly and time consuming fiddling around with the pencil tool, compared with the old way.

Its only a long way the first couple of times - then you can do it without having to think about it too much.

If I want to automate the volume on a track I’d use the mixer in record mode.

Thanks I’ll give it more of a try.
Really yearning for the old way though…the other benefit was that you could quickly click on various parts and immediately could see the different pan and volume settings in the inspector.

Just thought of an alternative …

Create a folder track, and put all the different midi parts into it individually. You’ll then be able to set (and see) vol and pan for each part, and it’ll only take up a single track space on your screen when closed.

I’ve set up a folder track and experimented putting in an electric piano track - with lots of sliced midi parts - but, the separate folder parts act just the same and there seems no way to set different volume and pan. :frowning: