HELP! audio files corrupting with loud bursts of noise blocks? anyone had this?

Is this a hard-drive going bad? I have my samples on SSD? Past few days I’ve been editing samples no problem, then I got blasted with the loudes f’n noise burst ever, and I’ve found these in two files now where the other day they did not exist and were fine - I am certain, I played these files back lots, reviewed, tweaked, reviewed, tested, etc. These corrupt bursts were not there.

I’m editing in these files in both Cubase and Spectralayers and then loading them into groove agent as slices and such.

I did have a few crashes in Cubase, so maybe that did something?

Probably hard-drive related. If it’s drive failure, the cubase crashes were probably caused by it. If it isn’t, the cubase crashes may have caused file corruption.

Backup and scan your drive for errors, just in case. If your drive is ok, then you further need to troubleshoot what’s crashing cubase.

The only time I had similar problems was with a USB3 HD connected to a USB2 port. The waves were good but the output was glitchy. Moved the project to a new drive and solved the issue.

sounds more like a trial plugin issue. common practice by developers

sorry no this is embedded in the file, you can see in the picture above. I wasn’t using any plugins and none are on trial.