Help! Audio Interface is not being recognised?!

Hi - I hope you can help?!

For some reason, overnight, Cubase is no longer recognising my Presonus Audiobox…any ideas why this might be?
I’ve attached screenshots - as you can see the Audiobox was listed, but now I’ve only got a choice of a Generic Low Latency ASIO or ASIO Full Duplex…

Should I reinstall Cubase?..if I do this will I encounter even more difficulties with my set up?

Thanks in advance - any clues much welcomed!!
Screenshot (67).png
Screenshot (66).png
Screenshot (26).png

Change to the low latency driver and then shut down Cubase. Shut down your computer. Start it up. Start Cubase. See if the AudioBox ASIO driver shows up. If not, shut down Cubase and reinstall the AudioBox driver. Start Cubase and see if it shows up. This is a start and might fix it.

Just some thoughts…

  • Is the audiobox plugged in before starting Cubase? (CB might not recognize it if plugged in after starting CB)
  • Have you tried plugging it in to a different USB port (try a few)? (Maybe the USB port failed)
  • Is the audio box showing up as a connected device on the computer itself? (Maybe the audiobox has failed)


Hi - thanks for getting back to me on this - and sorry for the delay.

It would have helped if I’d have mentioned, I’m able to record using microphones plugged into my Audiobox - you can see in the screenshot of the Ins - ‘Audiobox’.

However, I’m unable to listen back through my Audiobox, as I only have the option of my Realtek speakers which is a real pain.

The Audiobox didn’t come with any drivers, it was just a plug in and use unit…

Is this a problem with the Audiobox or Cubase then?
I’m a little apprehensive about reinstalling Cubase as I’m worried this may create more issues?

Anyone - any clues?!!

If you didn’t get the driver software you can redownload the required driver for the Audiobox on the Presonus website.

There are several Audiobox models so make sure to get the right one as the drivers may be different.

After you reinstall the driver and choose it in the CB vst connections, set up the input busses again and check the output busses too. CB probably set up the output but… check it anyway.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks All - I reinstalled the Audiobox drivers and all is working again, although Cubase is acting a little unstable, so need to back everything up!