Help: audio panned all the way to the left

I tried to output Dorico 3.5 to my bluetooth headphones. I connected it to my macbook and started Dorico. Then I selected the output, and noticed that the audio was panned to the left. I decided that maybe bluetooth wasn’t a good option as an audio output, and to undo it I selected my previous (standard) audio output. But after restarting Dorico several times, and restarting my macbook several times, I still only get audio playback on the left channel.

Things I checked;

  • VST plugins are playing both channels left and right, but when I pan them to the right I don’t get any sound. I see them output to the right channel but it just doesn’t work.
  • My macbook audio is working fine, when I play audio from my computer it’s stereo.

I changed no settings, only selected a bluetooth headphone output once.
What could this be?

It looks like changing the audio output changed it strangely to mono on the left channel, but can’t find a way to change it back

Please follow the steps here, followed by Play > Playback Template to re-load the plugins:

It’s working again, thnx!