Help! Audio playback error

Hello, I’ve recently upgraded my cubase to ‘11 Artist’ and all is going fine, until whenever i record audio from either my Korg synth, guitar, or drum machine it records as usual and appears on the screen and levels show (all normal). HOWEVER, i go and play it back … completely gone, the levels bar is blank but the recording is still visible in the workspace. its not in the pool either. Ive tried closing and coming back on but what happens then is the recording is blank.

  • Im using Cubase Artist 11 on Mac OS Catalina, connecting with a Komplete Audio 1 .
  • I’ve checked YouTube etc my audio connections are fine
  • Some tracks will record fine without any problem, then i do the exact same thing and record something else then this all happens

Any help would be vastly appreciated
Thank You

Sounds like Audio Connections in the Studio menu needs some attention.

Thanks you for getting back, butttttt! -_- its still not working!
All other channels play absolutely fine its just the 1 or 2 singular ones that doesn’t seem to register that I’ve recorded anything even though it has.

  • If i click on another channel and record it will work, its when i create a new channel with the exact same connections it decides to not bother

Are the channels you create routed to your stereo out?

Hello, yes my I’m routed to stereo out !! still happening -_-
Thank You