Help! Best video format to work with Cubase 7

Hi all,

I’m now having a problem working with an MPEG or MOV files in my cubase 7. It’s laggy and unstable, usually when playback. It stops for a while and run almost every time. After I did some searches, I found out that DV Pal or NTSC is the best one. I’m not quite sure If it is, so please anyone clarify this to me. Really appreciate in advance.
Thank You very much.

Sorry to hear this…

Please could you send small examples of each format that’s now failing, to SB support via MySteinberg, to help them track down what may be happening - I’m assuming these worked ok before…?! don’t forget this detail when you submit a report.

I’m sorry I don’t have any concrete answer for you myself (MOV’s are supposed to be the preferred container).

The rule of thumb has always been, if the video works/plays fine in QT on the desktop, then it should be good to go inside Cubase…

Good luck…!

QT is the best video format für Cubendo, yes!

Playback is based on the QuickTime engine alone on both Mac and PC

more infos:


Use something like Handbrake to convert to a medium or low resolution MP4 so as not to stress the CPU too much with video playback. It only has to be in sync … not HD quality as you’ll be adding the created soundtrack to the video in a proper video editor later anyway (I presume). Basically you’d be creating a “proxy” file for use with Cubase.

Thank You for all the answers from you guys. MOV now works best for me.
Thanks to all. Very much appreciated. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I asked about this recently as well…and thanks to the expertise on this forum, H264 works the best for me.