Help - Biab Plugin Chords to Cubase

I’m looking for a way to get the chords from the Biab Plugin into Cubase.
In Reaper and Studio One it can be done with scripting, this gets the chords from the Biab Plugin’s Song.txt file that contains the bar and beat for each chord.


The long roundabout way is saving the song in the main Biab app as midi with a BB Chord Output track that is dragged into Cubase and Cubase gets the chords from that.


So what about MusicXML import, what versions import the chord symbols from musicxml to the chord track ?
As I could make a script to convert the Biab Song.txt chord names to musicxml.
Also what about midi marker (chord names) import, will it copy the midi markers to the Chord Track ?

If I have to script it to send hotkeys to Cubase with AutoHotKey and AppleScript I would have to
Manually Insert chord at bar 3 or bar 1 with -2 bar offset
Set grid to Beat
send the following:

Run Script>
Enter (to open Chord Picker)
Paste chord (the script will read the chord name, bar, beat location from the Song.txt)
Tab will insert chord and move to next bar ( is there a hotkey to move to next Beat ?? )
Esc, Esc will close chord picker
Ctrl+right cursor will move to next beat or Ctrl+left cursor to previous beat