Help, C11 song position does not match the editor

I’m trying to warp the audio recorded bass line but when I open the editor I realise that the song position is on another position.
In the screenshot you can view that the cursor is in total different position from project to editor.
I’m missing something? Help me please

Turn off Snap to Zero in the editor so it matches the Project window.

Thanks for trying to help me but zero crossing have nothing to do with this issue.
I attach a video link for show the problem, hoping that someone of the technical support can give some information about.

It’s kind of hard to see what’s happening in the video because the zoom levels in the top and bottom are so different.

Just a thought, but has the length of the Audio Event ever been resized?

In the video it’s clear that the song position point does not match the start of wave between project and editor, dont matter the different zoom, it proceed differently in the two windows.
Anyway I’ve tried the project on another mac and there are no issue.
I’ll try to delete C11 preferences…maybe this can solve.

Solved by deleting all C10.5 preferences and folders in macOS.
Thanks to all