HELP! C12 Scale Assistant is broken

Hello all,

I’m a longtime Cubase user and have encountered a problem I’ve never seen before. I’m doing some vocal editing in VariAudio and am experiencing some very strange behavior. These issues are isolated to this particular session and are not affecting other sessions.

  1. The scale note guides/piano roll are not appearing when I tick the option
  2. Quantizing the notes sets everything to the note of B
  3. There is a single note that is altering the pitch of all subsequent notes/vocals without them being moved.

I have no idea what I may have done to cause this. Regardless of what note I set the scale to, quantizing the pitches sets them all to the note of B. The project root key is not set, but changing it does nothing. This issue is also present with the MIDI editor as well.

Here’s a video of the issues described:


Try to restart Cubase, please.

If it remains, could you provide a real screenshot of the window, please? The video quality is too low to see the settings properly.

The issue appeared a couple of weeks ago when I recorded the vocals and was working on the session. I just finally came back to it today to try to figure out the problem. Restarting Cubase obviously is of no help since I’ve probably restarted it dozens of times since then.

The video is 1080p. Not sure how it could be low quality? I can see it fine on my computer and the phone I shot it on. :man_shrugging:

I’m not currently at my studio. I will have to post a screenshot when I get there later today.

I watched the video and it defaulted to 360p. Manually changing it to 1080p made it clear enough.

@D-SANE Please consider using a screen recorder. For short clips, I use ScreenToGif. It’s free, quick and easy to use.


So, here’s the entire window. As you can see and as previously stated, the “Show Scale Note Guides” is ticked, but all of the lanes have disappeared. “Quantize Pitches” sends every single note to B, even though the Editor Scale is set to G# Maj. I didn’t do anything outside of what I normally do and this behavior makes no sense.

Screen To GIF doesn’t do audio, so how do you think that would have helped me in this situation? The purpose of the YouTube video was to also audibly demonstrate what is happening to the AUDIO when I move that single note around.


Have you tried to restart Cubase? Our even Disable Cubase Preferences?

As previously stated in my reply to your first comment, this issue occurred weeks ago. I’ve restarted Cubase dozens of times since then. This is occurring ONLY with this session. I had a recording session tonight, as well as numerous others since then, where I’ve used VariAudio and everything was working fine.

This is an isolated incident. Not sure how many more times I can explain this or my issues. :man_shrugging:


Then I would try to File > Back up Project and open the backup project. Our if it doesn’t help, create an empty project and Import from Project: import all tracks from the current project.

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I will try that. Thank you! Will all of the vocals that have already been edited with VariAudio keep their settings?



Hey Martin,

Creating a back up of the project did not fix the issues. However, the other suggestion of creating an empty project and importing the tracks did work!

Thank you for your time and assistance. :pray:

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