HELP! Can Nuendo 5 only Compatible with MOV Format video?

Hello, I am music editor. Recently I bought the Nuendo 5 software, but I met some problems when working with it.
Before Nuendo 5 I was working with Nuendo 4, I can read most of video format such as AVI, WMV,and MP4 etc. But now I found I can only read MOV video format, it brings troubles to my work alot.
Could u please help me to confirm that Nuendo 5 can only compatible with MOV format? If not, could u please let me know how to solve the video format compatible problem of Nuendo 5 ?
By the way, I am working the Nuendo 5 with the Windows 7 (64X), also I have installed Quicktime, upated the VGA Driver, and also have installed various decoders, but still cannot work.
I am looking forward to your reply, and really apprecaite your help.


Nuendo 5 requires .mov files, no Avi or other videofile will work.
In addition to that, you need a videocard which is Open GL compatible.


Many thanks. but do u mean if I have a videocard installed, that can solve the problem to have Avi or other videofile work with Nuendo 5?

No. You need to use .mov files whatever video card you have. It’s just that if it isn’t Open GL compatible, even .mov files won’t work.


I see. Mov file works. Thanks again for ur help, I really appreciate that.

I don’t get this Fredo - My copy of the N5 user manual (English) lists all of the compatible formats on page 536. They are: MOV, QT, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VOB, AVI, DV and WMV.

Why are you saying that only MOV will work? I have personally used MPEG4 recently without issues.