Help! Can't open Project after using ARA.

After using Revoice Pro and Melodyne with ARA in Cubase, suddenly I can’t open my project.
After loading up all the tracks I just get the dreaded beach-ball.

Sometimes it opens up the project but it’s just stuck on the spinning beach ball of doom.

I can open a 5hr old backup, but not later ones.

Would be very grateful for any suggestion.


Make sure you have the latest Revoice and Melodyne installed, please.

You can also move the Revoice and ARA plug-ins to another (not-scanned) folder and start Cubase without these plug-ins. Then try to open the project and reserve it or make s File > Back up project.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I had already installed all the latest ARA plugins. I removed them all and even opened it in 9.5 but it still didn’t work. Finally I removed ALL plugins and started adding them back and strange enough it turned out to be Console 1 that was causing the beach balling. Very weird since I’ve had it for quite some time and it worked without a flaw in the project until the song was almost done and I started using Melodyne and Revoice.