Help! CD tracks render fine. Clips don't render correct metadata =(

So my montage is great. Metadata renders appropriately if I render individual CD tracks. My issue is that I have some crossfades on this album so I want to render all the individual clips separately so the crossfades are not included. When I do this, the metadata isn’t rendering correctly, labeling all MP3s as track #0 and no contributing artist. WAVs also have incomplete metadata. Again, if I render the individual CD tracks from a group, everything is perfect.

How can I fix this without having to physically move all the clips away from each other, nuke all of my markers and recreate them from scratch (which seems like an un-necessary extra step and more work).

This seems strange. I’m not sure how you have this all set up but I know that with my configuration, I would get the same CD-Text and metadata result even if I undid any song crossfades.

When you render your files, what do you use as the “Render Source”? I use “All Regions” and “CD Tracks”.

Then with the right CD-Text entered, the CD-Text is transposed to ID3 metadata if I render WAV or mp3 files from the montage as “All Regions” and “CD Tracks”.

My marker names are exactly the song names, and then the resulting files have 01, 02, 03 padded at the front to keep them in order, but the track number isn’t present in any song titles, but is present in the track number/track total field of the ID3 metadata.

If I do All Regions and CD Tracks, it’s still including the crossfades although the metadata is perfect. I’d just like to be able to render the individual clips without the crossfades and have the metadata render correctly with it. Seems to be one or the other at this point unless I physically move the clips away from each other and change the Track Splice markers to individual Start/End markers.

What is your Render Source when you get the files you want but no metadata? As Selected Clips?

I guess I’m not sure what you’re after here then but I think some manual work will need to be done. Either moving of files or muting of clips and rendering songs one at time in a certain way.

If it were me, I would just make a Save As… montage and undo all the cross fades and then render the needed files.

I don’t know of a way to tell WaveLab to make WAV or mp3 files of each track but without crossfades.

Maybe PG or others will have a trick.

“All Selected Clips” which removes the crossfades but doesn’t apply the metadata correctly/completely.

For now, I am just going to move the clips away from each other, change the track splice marker to start (and add the end marker as you had suggested) then render all regions as CD Tracks. It works, but it’s an additional step in the workflow.

I see. You may be able to at least keep the CD Track Splice Makers and just move the clips so they are touching but not overlapping.

That might save you the step of converting and adding markers. That’s what I usually do in the rare cases where clients want a non-crossfaded version of the album.

There is even a function to “Align Clips” in the Clips Tab that might make it simple to change the gaps between all clips to 0 seconds in one command.

I tend to just do it manually for the few songs that crossfade when this scenario comes up but I must say, most clients want the final master files to contain the crossfade as well.

I like that approach. Thanks for that info!

The align clips with 0 sec gap worked great! Thanks for your help man!

Good deal. If the makers are all bound to their respective clips, it should be pretty quick work to undo the crossfades and render WAV/mp3 files of all the songs without any crossfading.