Help choosing a (PCI) Motherboard

Hello everyone,

I need some help on choosing a new Motherboard, since the old one just fried :frowning:
This computer will be mainly used for some home live guitar sessions with friends.
I`m looking for some good PCI BUS speed, since my Audio I/O card is PCI.

Components that I own:

  • Terratec EWS 88 MT (PCI)
  • Intel E7600 (socket 775)
  • OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Platinum (2x2Gb)
  • Ati radeon HD4870 1Gb (PCI-e)
  • wd caviar black 1tb sata

Additionally I would like to know if any of the hardware that I own is not compatible with Cubase, since i would like to buy a copy, and try some home recording.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used this one, but with a Q9550 CPU…great speed and 2 PCI slots! Might be hard to find though…Good Luck!

Thanks MoPro