Help choosing between UR816C and UR824

Hi everyone!

I am completey new to recording with the computer so I wonder what interface I should buy.

I do not yet have a DAW either so if that comes with the interface it is good.

I think I can use eight outputs for surround sound (and/or use multiple channels as active crossover to my speakers) as I also use the computer as a mediacenter, streaming music and movies.

I mainly play guitars and sing, together with a friend or two. Would like to be able to play piano/keyboard too trough the computer. And record it.

Then what should I buy?

Hello. Here you can compare audio interface and see what is for you is best.

Thanks Viktor, a little help :slight_smile:

Dont use that comparison, itโ€™s very inaccurate.

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I would suggest the UR816c, mainly because it is a lot newer and cheaper too. The big drawback (and the reason I run a UR824) is that the 816 only has 8 ADAT channels in, whereas the 824 has up to 16 adat out.
They both have 8 ch out (the 10 ch referred to in the table is bs, just a pair of doubled main outs), and 8 line/mic in.

Hi Mathias,

Iโ€™d better recommend a Presonus.
The Steinbergs are good too, but the drivers are much better on Presonus, plus you get Studio One Artist which is better fitted than Cubase AI, and a multitude of plugins. If you do so, make sure you do not install drivers after version 3.6.0, and in both case, think to configure Windows the right way.

I advise you to read this small post first :wink: