Help connect system bar line for piano

Hi there, I have an xml music file. I whant to edeit it for piano,
But when I open it I see the systm in each stave not connected as you can see in img below
So what shuld i do to fix it?
Also there an latter with number in the left as you can see
how can I remove it

These are being interpreted by Dorico as two separate instruments. Your best solution is to add a new piano instrument, then copy P1 into the upper staff, and copy P2 into the lower staff (you’ll have to do this in two steps).

I suspect the two piano staves have been imported as separate players - in Setup mode, change the first piano player to a piano (expand the player, click the arrow in the instrument name, choose “Change instrument”, and select “Piano” in the instrument picker). This is to make sure Dorico really does think it’s a piano, and hopefully it will then appear with a braced pair of staves automatically. You will then probably have to copy the material from the original lower staff to the new bottom staff of your proper piano.

The letters and numbers to the left are called staff labels, here’s how to hide/show them.

Thank you all.

But How can I select all bass staff ?

When I delete the piano brace the connected bar line in between stave is despair

I want to hide the bracket for piano part

Select the first note in the bass clef, then Edit–Select to End of Flow.

If you have Pro, you can switch to Engrave mode, select the bracket, and delete it.

Th again. Yes i have pro 3.5. If I delete the bracket the barline in between staff despair

You can then re-input the barline manually too. By default, brackets and/or braces determine which staves get joined by barlines. Here’s some more info about the different ensemble types available (which help determine barlines) and about barline joins.