HELP-Connecting Yamaha (OLD) 01v to Cubase

I am a first-time user of Cubase (7.5) and I am having ENORMOUS difficulty trying to get my Yamaha 01V mixer to talk with or listen to Cubase.
I have the ToHost-Serial cable from the Yamaha mini-din socket in to the computer serial port I have downloaded the latest Yamaha Drivers (CBX and CBX A drivers) and Cubase recognises the drivers, I have done the initial configuration of the 01V remote section (as per instructions in the Cubase and 01V manuals) but it seems to be impossible to get data from the 01V into Cubase and to use the 01V as a remote controller for the Cubase mixdown!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can some tell me what I have to do to make these two things talk to each other???